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Watch Netflix’s “Rim of the World” Movie Review Video

Watch Netflix’s “Rim of the World” Movie Review Video

You don’t mess with summer camp.

“Summer camp can be a social-anxiety nightmare for kids. It’s tough to deal with canoe rides, campfire singalongs and alien invasions.

“In the new Netflix movie Rim of the World, streaming now, four misfit teens get caught up in an attack from outer space.

“Directed by McG, Rim of the World is a fun, action-packed movie that pays homage to Stranger Things, Attack the Block, Independence Day, Jurassic Park and The Goonies.

“I chatted with Rim of the World screenwriter and executive producer Zack Stentz (who also co-wrote the screenplay for Thor) about why people still love a good alien invasion story and why Netflix was the right home for the film.”

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