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Watch New ‘Army of Thieves’ Netflix Movie Review Video

Watch New ‘Army of Thieves’ Netflix Movie Review Video

“Before getting to “Army of Thieves,” it’s fair to ask why Netflix and producer Zack Snyder felt compelled to make a prequel to the zombie/heist mashup “Army of the Dead,” which doesn’t really demand its own cinematic universe.

“This more conventional heist yarn somewhat stands alone, but hardly feels like it has the right combination to merit this exercise.

“The main holdover from the first film is German actor/director Matthias Schweighöfer, who played the safecracker Dieter, and not only stars in the film but directs it.

“The main asset, however, is Nathalie Emmanuel (of “Game of Thrones” and “Fast & Furious”), who makes the most of her turn as the deadly brains of the outfit, Gwendoline, who recruits Schweighöfer’s character to help crack a trio of legendary safes.”

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