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Watch New Cine Critique “21 Bridges” Movie Review Video

Watch New Cine Critique “21 Bridges” Movie Review Video

“In 21 Bridges, Chadwick Boseman is a policeman so haunted by the memory of his own cop father’s death in the line of duty that he’s built his entire reputation around his itchy trigger finger.

“He’s the “cop killer” killer, the guy the force calls in when they need someone to enact white-hot revenge and spare families from the agony of a trial — shoot first, don’t ask questions at all.

“You could see this being the launchpad for a thin-blue-line franchise in the 1980s, but it’s a strange place to begin one in 2019. In light of all the renewed scrutiny on excessive use of police force in the last few years, can we still root for a mentality that frames the American city as a battleground between the good guys and the bad ones, free to shoot at each other with reckless abandon in the middle of the street?

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