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Watch New Den of Theieves ‘Alpha Males’ Featurette Movie Video

Watch New Den of Theieves ‘Alpha Males’ Featurette Movie Video

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“There’s something unfair about comparing any policier to Michael Mann’s Heat, even if you dissent from the popular — and one hundred percent correct — notion that Heat is the best cops-and-robbers movie ever made.

“For one thing, Heat is more like a movie-plus-expansion pack, a remake of a film Mann had written and directed for network television some years earlier, upgraded with a lavish budget and an A-list cast.

“It was at least the third Mann project to draw inspiration from the life of Chuck Adamson, a retired Chicago police detective Mann had befriended and helped into a second career as a TV producer and screenwriter.

“(Heat also borrowed thematic material and even dialogue from Adamson’s ’80s NBC series Crime Story, on which Mann served as executive producer.)”

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