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Watch New Dixie Chicks “Gaslighter” Official Music Video

Watch New Dixie Chicks “Gaslighter” Official Music Video

“It’s the year 2020 and the prodigal Dixie Chicks have finally returned, no thanks to George W. Bush and his ilk.

“Their new Jack Antonoff–produced single and music video, “Gaslighter,” dropped today, ahead of the May release of Gaslighter, the first new Chicks album in 14 years.

“Naturally, we have a landslide of feelings about it. Cowboy, take us away!

“Madison Malone Kircher: The Dixie Chicks are back! I could cry. In fact, I did.

“Rachel Handler: Let me begin by saying, for perhaps the 500th time in my brief life: Fuck you, George W. Bush.

“I cannot believe our erstwhile president nearly ruined music forever. I, too, shed a tear for my long-lost Chicks.

“For many reasons! First of all, one can only do “Goodbye Earl” so many times at karaoke from 1999–2020.”

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