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Watch New Finding ‘Ohana (2021) Netflix Original Movie Review Video

Watch New Finding ‘Ohana (2021) Netflix Original Movie Review Video

“Netflix has recently tried its hand at kid-tailored superhero and spy movies, so it’s fitting that its next kid-friendly adventure follows another well-worn genre: the treasure hunt.

“In the tradition of the 1985 treasure-hunting classic The Goonies, Finding ’Ohana follows a group of kids braving a series of dangers while seeking out a secret pirate treasure. But director Jude Weng puts an updated spin on the idea by turning the biggest stakes into the kids’ family dramas, and adding specific notes about the Hawaiian culture that defines the characters.

“Though the movie stretches itself too thin with some plot points and adds some unnecessary conflict, Finding ’Ohana uses its quest tale to tell a sweet story about reconnecting with family and culture.”

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