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Watch New ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Official Movie Trailer Video

Watch New ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Official Movie Trailer Video

“The ultimate movie monster battle is going to be epic if there’s anything to go by the first Godzilla vs. Kong movie trailer, which dropped on Sunday.

“Fans will be able to cheer for their favorite kaiju monster when Godzilla vs. Kong is released in theaters and on HBO Max on March 26.

“But in the meantime, check out some exciting battle scenes between Godzilla and King Kong in the new movie trailer from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

“The trailer gives more clues about what will happen in the upcoming movie, including more on how Kong and his protectors, who are on a quest to find Kong his real home.

“Kong makes friends with an orphan child named Jia, who is the only one who can really communicate with him. She even makes him his own Kong doll.”

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