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Watch New ‘Joker’ Movie Review Video | Starring Joaquin Phoenix

Watch New ‘Joker’ Movie Review Video | Starring Joaquin Phoenix

“The Venice Film Festival is in full swing on the Lido, and although attendees still have a full week of seeing movies, eating pasta, and politely avoiding any mention of the Coppa Mussolini ahead of them, it’s already clear which film will be the festival’s most twisted this year: Joker, director Todd Phillips and his co-screenwriter Scott Silver’s take on the clown prince of crime.

“Back in April, Joker drew comparisons to Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, and Requiem For a Dream, and that was just for a trailer.

“The finished film premiered Saturday, and the first responses are just as high key, particularly when it comes to Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker.

“Some critics think he’s a shoo-in for Best Actor, others think he’s a contender for Most Acting, but no one is neutral.”

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