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Watch New ‘M3GAN’ Jeremy Jans Movie Review Video

Watch New ‘M3GAN’ Jeremy Jans Movie Review Video

“M3GAN begins with a car crash, which sends young Cady (Violet McGraw) under the care of her aunt Gemma.

“It comes at a very bad time for Gemma, who is facing pressure from her boss David (Ronny Chieng) to meet deadlines for a new toy that will get them ahead of their competition.

“But Gemma has been working on a pet project on the side that she believes could be the answer to all her work woes: M3GAN, a lifelike android that would act as the perfect toy for any child.

“The problem is, the tragic car accident of Cady’s parents and an untimely explosion at Gemma’s lab put M3GAN on the backburner. Until a conversation with Cady sparks an idea.”

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