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Watch New Netflix Limited Series ‘Unbelievable’ Austin Burke Review Video

Watch New Netflix Limited Series ‘Unbelievable’ Austin Burke Review Video

“The first episode of Unbelievable is infuriating. But it’s the good kind of infuriating, the kind that clearly wants you to feel mad about the sort of prosaic miscarriage of justice that happens every day.

“A young woman reports her rape, and instead of taking her case seriously, the police leap at the first possible chance they have to dismiss her claim.

“If you’ve read the ProPublica story this new Netflix miniseries is based on, you’ll know that the woman — dubbed Marie in both the story and the show, though that is not her real name — really did experience this sequence of events.

“Marie, played by the excellent Kaitlyn Dever, was raped. But after she reported it to police, they badgered her into rescinding her report, eventually getting her to confess to making the whole thing up.

“And then, years later, the man who raped her was caught several states away.”

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