Watch New ‘Starfield’: Official Launch Date Announcement Video

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“On Wednesday, Starfield finally gave us a release date. Well, a new release date, and one that comes nearly a year after the one they confidently projected.

“We have gone from November 22, 2022, to the promise that the game would make it out in the first half of 2023, to the new date which is outside of that window, September 6, 2023. I do expect this one to finally stick.

“Why the delay? I do think there is a strong desire for AAA megagames to avoid Cyberpunk 2077-syndrome, a game that was actually quite good at its core, but absolutely needed another year in the oven to avoid a technically disastrous launch.

“And since sprawling Bethesda games are not exactly known for launching bug-free, it seems like Bethesda really wants to nail this.

“And boy, do they need to.”

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