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Watch New ‘The Wretched’ Chris Stuckmann Movie Review Video

Watch New ‘The Wretched’ Chris Stuckmann Movie Review Video

Yes, please!

“You can thank “The Wretched” if you suddenly want to add another item to stock up with during this pandemic: salt. That’s one of the only things that apparently keeps witches at bay. Pro tip: buy it in big bags.

“Brothers Drew and Brett Pierce — co-directors and co-writers — have put together dark little modern fairy tale with “ The Wretched,” their second film together. It has an awfully good twist at the end, but that’s barely worth the first-half slog.

“It’s the story of a 17-year-old who one summer lands a job at his dad’s marina (bummer, man) and then finds himself the only thing standing up to a skin-walking, flesh-eating witch’s reign of terror (double bummer, man.)”

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