Watch New Weezer World on Fortnite (Team Cre8 Stream) Video

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“To promote the release of their thirteenth studio album, Weezer has collaborated with Epic Games to produce a custom map for Fortnite called Weezer World.

“The map launched with Season 8 of the game, and can be found as a premade area within the game’s Minecraft-like Creative Mode.

“The map is the first place you can hear four unreleased songs from the band’s new Black Album, which can be found playing from a jukebox on the island.

“The obvious comparison to draw here is with Marshmallow, whose in-game Fortnite concert took over the entirety of Fortnite for 10 minutes last month.

“However, for Weezer this collaboration is just the latest in a long line of internet experiments the band has attempted over the years.”

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