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Watch New Weezer World on Fortnite (Team Cre8 Stream) Video

Watch New Weezer World on Fortnite (Team Cre8 Stream) Video

“To promote the release of their thirteenth studio album, Weezer has collaborated with Epic Games to produce a custom map for Fortnite called Weezer World.

“The map launched with Season 8 of the game, and can be found as a premade area within the game’s Minecraft-like Creative Mode.

“The map is the first place you can hear four unreleased songs from the band’s new Black Album, which can be found playing from a jukebox on the island.

“The obvious comparison to draw here is with Marshmallow, whose in-game Fortnite concert took over the entirety of Fortnite for 10 minutes last month.

“However, for Weezer this collaboration is just the latest in a long line of internet experiments the band has attempted over the years.”

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