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Watch New ‘Willow’ Reboot: First 2 Episodes Review Video

Watch New ‘Willow’ Reboot: First 2 Episodes Review Video

“Disney’s press materials refer to the original 1988 movie “Willow” as “beloved,” which despite its admirers feels like nostalgic inflation of a pretty generic George Lucas-plotted fantasy that provided an early directing showcase for Ron Howard.

“Setting that aside, a Disney+ revival series isn’t without its charms, in a more contemporary narrative that brings back Warwick Davis while focusing on the next generation.

“The series begins by recounting the events of the movie, which saw Davis’ simple farmer Willow turn sorcerer and join in a fierce battle to protect a baby who carried the kingdom’s destiny on her tiny shoulders, overcoming ancient evil with the help of the swordsman Madmartigan and (eventually) princess Sorsha.

“The latter were played by Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley, respectively, who as an off-screen bonus got married after the film.”

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