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Watch Retailer Toys R Us Filing Bankruptcy News Video | 5 Billion in Debt

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Watch Retailer Toys R Us Filing Bankruptcy News Video | 5 Billion in Debt

“While retail bankruptcies have become nearly commonplace in recent years as investors’ run wallets-first toward online shopping, the bankruptcy filing of Toys ‘R’ Us is still notable in that the largest U.S. toy store chain is also one of the largest retail bankruptcies of all-time.

“Only outranked by a 2002 Kmart and a 1990 Federated Department Stores filings, Toys ‘R’ Us now lays claim to being the third largest retailer that has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to on Tuesday.

“The site ranks the bankruptcy size by assets, and looks back as far as Chapter 11 as we know it has existed: since 1978.

“That comes after Toys ‘R’ Us, once dubbed a “category killer,” filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Richmond, Va. court Monday.”

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