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A sci-fi answer to Groundhog’s Day? Now that’s a movie that has my interest straight away.

“Tasked with selling America on a European land war with the fish-mawed, tentacled Mimics, Cruise’s ex-ad-man ships off to London, misbehaves, and gets punished with an assignment to the front lines of a disastrous beachhead assault.

“Regardless of intention, sci-fi movies tend to fetishize military tech, which makes Edge Of Tomorrow’s Jackets—ugly, cumbersome, mechanized suits worn by the ground forces of its near future—feel refreshing.

“Their unintuitive controls and shoddy batteries (made to resemble Claymore mines, complete with “Front Toward Enemy” lettering) become a running gag.

“The attack, dubbed Operation Downfall, is woefully underplanned; ammo is scarce, and the Osprey-style transports end up killing more troops than they land.”

- A.V. Club

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