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“We hate to start your week with some bad news, but here’s a quick heads up on yet another threat to your computer’s data. And, it’s kind of an ironic one as well.

“If you’re a Windows user and have the C-Cleaner app, make sure you update it right quick as a recent version included a bunch of malware. The ironic part? C-Cleaner is owned by well-known cybersecurity company Avast.

“Better known as “crap cleaner,” C-Cleaner is designed to scrub web cookies and other digital flotsam from Windows computers, but security researchers at Cisco Talos said they discovered that download servers used by Avast were hacked to distribute malware inside CCleaner.

“However, Avast is now saying that the 2.27 million users hit by the malware aren’t at risk because an automatic update already pushed out to C-Cleaner killed the virus.” – YT

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