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Watch ‘The First Purge’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

Watch ‘The First Purge’ Jeremy Jahns Movie Review Video

So my question is, as someone who hasn’t watched any of them, is it worth watching them in narrative order?

“I have dutifully sat through all four of the Purge movies. Do I get a medal for that?

“Since the 2013 original there has been The Purge: Anarchy (2014), The Purge: Election Year (2016) and now The First Purge opening just in time for Independence Day.

“The new installment is actually an origin story (as if we needed one) that explains how the whole idea of an annual government-sponsored “holiday” in which all crime and killing is legal for 12 hours beginning at sundown came about.

“As I say in my video review above, when the concept was actually fresh five years ago, I sort of was entertained by the idea, which then was really just a dressed-up home invasion movie — it seemed like pure science fiction at the time.”

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