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Watch the new Evian commercial! | Baby&me (Video)

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Watch the new Evian commercial! | Baby&me (Video)

Evian’s babies are back in business with their quirky whipper snapper dance moves! It’s seems everyone is liking the idea of keepin’ alive that vivacious lifestyle that is the child in you. Kudos to the Age of Aquarius! It did a job well done with the gift of enlightenment.

If this commercial weren’t enough to get you thinking about changing your life habits by gulping down large bottles of their tasty water, well, just Google some more of their videos for Pete’s sake! Go outside and dance with some babies!

I’d like to think commercials were made for the betterment of mankind. Not commercialism. But eh, we can all dream can’t we? It’d probably be best to just leave it at, people like babies. People act like babies and rarely change throughout the course of their lives besides becoming old babies. Therefore, we should embrace the baby in all of us!

No really though, you guys should drink more water and less juice/ soda. It’s good for you.

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