Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now and Video On Demand by Jaime McDougall on October 14, 2013

“We wanted every character to be pushed to their breaking point…”

“The return of the shuffling post-zombocalyptic western, a short time after the events of season three where the prison has been fixed back up and a small community is growing … which can only mean disaster is a lack-of-heartbeat away.

“The romance that is blossoming everywhere else is troubling however, Beth has a boy, Tyreese has a girl, Carl has a pig named Violet, even Rick and Michonne seem to be flirting.

“This is all very troubling as the Walking part of The Walking Dead is not meant to be of the “long and on a moonlit beach” variety.

“Thank goodness for the attrition rate which would suggest dating is a sprint not a marathon in these parts. For while it’s all very lovey-dovey at the start soon enough people are dying left, right and shopping centre.” –

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