So what makes you think you look so special? Well, have a looksy and be amazed by the science of humans! Buzz Feed is chalk full of fun fact videos and this one is just as enjoyable!

I never thought the 8% of blue eyed people could be seen as mutants…or red-head’s for that matter because I love me some redheads. I have a preference for green eyes though but blues are just as nice hehehe I could have gone without seeing the chick make weird faces with her tongue though.

One of my favorites: about 10% of people have Morton’s toe (2nd toe extending further than your big toe) and one of those people is the statue of Liberty! But that’s an unsusual lady by any means. Glad to know she’s considered one of us.

Or how about those creepy people with the webbed feet? 1 out of every 2,000, huh? And Ashton Kutcher is one of them? I bet webbed feet arn’t not so creepy now are they? I still hate feet though.

And as always, they put on some really chill music: “08 Grand Place” MonsieurCheu Pakakonet

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