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Watch Time After Time Official New TV Show Trailer Video

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Watch Time After Time Official New TV Show Trailer Video

The concept, frankly, sounded a bit boring to me. But the trailer has tickled my curiosity…

“Yes, it’s called “Time After Time.” And yes, much of the two-hour premiere hinges on a MacGuffin time machine key — and yes, the protagonist is “Time Machine” author HG Wells (Freddie Stroma).

“But compared to “Timeless,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” or even “Doctor Who,” the time machine here may well have been a one-and-done, Keurig situation:

“The entire Victorian preamble was mainly a way to get this set of characters to the same place at the same time, resulting in a procedural more along the lines of Ioan Gruffudd’s recent “Forever” or the romantic anachronisms of “Sleepy Hollow” — a strong, long-running trend you can also see crop up in all vampire soaps: “Moonlight,” “True Blood,” even “Angel” and “Vampire Diaries” offer this trope up pretty regularly, as a consequence of the immortality inherent to the genre.”

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