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Watch What If Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist? Seeker Video

Watch What If Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist? Seeker Video

Discussing the matters of matter.

“Dark matter is the elusive, invisible substance that appears to make up more than 80 percent of the total mass in the universe — far more than accounted for by the “regular” matter that makes up things like stars, planets and everything astronomers can directly observe.

“A new study makes the bold claim, however, that perhaps dark matter doesn’t exist at all.

“But scientists aren’t convinced that the study holds water.

Hints of the existence of dark matter appeared as early as the 1930s, but the real discovery took place in 1978, when astrophysicist Vera Rubin concluded that the observable motions of galaxies couldn’t be explained by the laws of Newtonian physics alone.”

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