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Watch Why You Shouldn’t Miss The New Netflix Show ‘Typewriter’ Video

Watch Why You Shouldn’t Miss The New Netflix Show ‘Typewriter’ Video

“We ain’t afraid of no ghosts . . . but Netflix’s Typewriter just might change that.

“The Indian horror mystery, now streaming on Netflix, is already the subject of social media buzz for its downright terrifying tale of a haunted house and the mysteries that lurk there.

“Before you buckle in to scare yourself silly, here’s what to know about the basics of the show.

“The premise of the story is the stuff of horror stories everywhere.

“There’s a haunted house in a coastal region of India that’s reportedly home to a bunch of ghosts, and, of course, a trio of ghost-hunting friends set out to discover the truth.

“The three young friends, Sam, Bunty, and Gablu, decide to try to capture the ghost that supposedly lives there. Before they can get very far, though, a new family moves into the Bardez Villa — and that’s when the real horror kicks in.”

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