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Watch World Mental Health Day 2019: Audible Sessions Video

Watch World Mental Health Day 2019: Audible Sessions Video

“Workplace culture has come a long way when it comes to wellness and mental health, but despite the fact that burnout is recognized as a real medical diagnosis, it’s still difficult for many people to take off work and care for themselves.

“And that’s a shame when 40% of American workers find their jobs stressful, and more than 30% say their jobs harm their physical or emotional health.

“Truthfully, it shouldn’t be normal to feel worked into the ground and chronically overwhelmed. But if you do feel that way, you should take a mental health day.

“Mental health days help you feel grounded and re-energized, maintain a healthy work-life perspective, manage burnout, and feel refreshed — all keys to maintaining your overall health and your ability to engage at work in the best way, for the long-term.”

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