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Watch YouTube ‘DaddyOFive’ Mike Martin Child Abuse Allegations Continue Video

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Watch YouTube ‘DaddyOFive’ Mike Martin Child Abuse Allegations Continue Video

“YouTube has created a path to success that didn’t exist a decade ago.

“Now teenagers can make millions of dollars showing how they do their makeup, families can make a fortune producing goofy rap songs about parenting, and an anonymous lady who just unwraps toys made $5 million in a single year.

“That sort of success is extremely rare, but people know it exists, and that is causing some problems because YouTube video production is a largely unregulated industry.

“If you wanted to send your children to Hollywood to be actors or put them in commercials or on reality TV, there are laws and regulations in place to protect them and their money.

“If you want to put your kid on the Internet for advertiser money, the only one protecting that kid is you.

“Some parents don’t have their kids’ best interests in mind, and some parents have terrible judgment, and that’s why the Internet is responding with outrage to one family’s latest “dad pranks” video that looks a hell of a lot like child abuse.”

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