'We Need Girlfriends' Online Web TV Series

We Need Girlfriends is an online Web television series which has been running for over a year now, but has only just come to my attention.

The series is produced by RagTag Productions, which comprises of Steven Tsapelas, Angel Acevedo and Brian Amyot, film students who met at Hofstra University on Long Island

The New York Dating Scene

We Need Girlfriends is a show about three recent college graduates who get dumped by their girlfriends one after the other, and then attempt to navigate the New York dating scene.

The show started life on YouTube, and now has its own dedicated website. Its actually so successful that CBS bought in to the show, and there’s hopes it will make the transition from the Web to network television.

Of course, that hope won’t have been helped by the recent failure of Quarterlife, one of the biggest Web TV shows, to gain enough viewers for NBC to keep airing it.

We Need Girlfriends – Episode 1


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