Web 2.0 TV captures bustling cities from around the globe

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Web 2.0 TV New York

The World Wide Web is now beginning to bring you local TV thanks to Web 2.0 TV, a video blog spotlighting a variety of cities around the world.

Web 2.0 TV has created a variety of local video blogs on one site capturing city life by discussing and showcasing music, fashion, art, charities, lifestyle, politics, entertainment and film through its professional online TV episodes.

Web 2.0 TV is split up into a number of destinations covering a variety of bustling cities from across the US and further a field.

Web 2.0 TV Cities

New York seems to be the flagship location comprising of most of the videos. The host, Jenna, takes you to a variety of places in New York, such as when she takes you along on an incredibly colorful dining experience in the heart of Tribeca’s only authentic 17th Century ninja village.

Toronto 2.0 and Atlanta 2.0 are also two of the more active channels. If you plan on visiting or live in any of these locations Web 2.0 TV can open up some interesting ideas for places to visit, as well as introducing you to the culture of the city.

Videos Missing?

Currently it seems that Web 2.0 is undergoing a bit of a behind the scenes revamp as a lot of the older YouTube videos on the site have gone missing. I assume they are being replaced by the new video delivery service that the newer videos are using.

Web 2.0 TV

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