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Weird Al Yankovic is now a national treasure, surely having reached that status after so many years of spoofing pop stars and chart toppers. And he is just as good live as he is in his videos and on his records.

This video shows Weird Al Yankovic performing at the New Brunswick State Theater earlier this year. The show was part of his current 2011 Alpocalypse Tour, which includes tracks from the new album as well as many of the classics.

We get to sample Yankovic singing Confessions Part III, eBay, Bedrock Anthem, Another One Rides the Bus, Ode to a Superhero, Trapped in the Drive-Thru, Gump, and Eat It.

If Weird Al ever toured the U.K. I’d go and see him a heartbeat. He manages to reinvent himself all the time, taking on the latest singers and songs, as he has done with Lady Gaga and Perform This Way. Absolute genius.

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