Weird Al Yankovic is nothing short of a genius. Who else has produced as many great songs, while spoofing other artists so majestically, all the while coming up with hilarious and clever lyrics aimed at the zeitgeist?

This is his latest music video, a song about the online trading site, Craigslist. The whole thing, from the lyrics, through the style of the video, and the instruments used, are all a nod in the direction of The Doors and Jim Morrison.

I was instantly reminded of Weird Al’s spoof of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. Yankovic turned that song into I Bought On eBay. But I actually think this is a better spoof. It’s not as catchy but it’s more accurate.

This can almost pass as a Doors record in its own right, helped by the fact that Ray Manzarek, the former keyboardist for The Doors plays on the track.

This song has two effects on me – a need to listen to Light My Fire, and a desire to visit Craigslist.

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