Westboro Baptist Church Video | Real Christian Has Say On Fred Phelps & Followers

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The Westboro Baptist Church are at it again, speaking out about the deaths of those shot in Tucson, Arizona recently. According to Fred Phelps and his followers these deaths were an act of God.

If you haven’t ever heard of the Westboro Baptist Church then I envy you. I wish I’d never heard of these right-wing religious zealots who feel it’s right to march up and down at funerals with foul-mouthed banners.

The Church, and I use the word lightly, believes that God hates gay people, that homosexuality is a sin, and that our tolerance of this evil way of life is what’s causing wars and death.

It’s one thing to protest at the funerals of soldiers killed in action, but the Westboro Baptist Church is now also planning on protesting at the funeral of the completely innocent 9-year-old girl shot dead last week.

Something must surely be done to stop this happening.


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