Have you ever wondered what news anchors do while the commercial breaks are running? Watch the video to find out – you may be pleasantly surprised at how fun and frivolous the whole thing is.

These two are WGN news anchors, Robert Jordan & Jackie Bange. They have been reading the news together for many years and clearly wanted to liven up the dull few minutes when advertising was playing to pay their wages.

The routine has clearly evolved and been added to over the years. I’m guessing it started out with just one or two moves, and then new elements have been added as time has gone on. It now lasts longer than the commercial break!

I find it amazing that not only can the pair memorize this convoluted dance, they can do it in between reading out what may be terrible pieces of news. Bravo to them but I want to see more – maybe they should make a sit-down fitness workout video?

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