This is one of the strangest videos I think I’ve ever posted to WebTVHub. From the fact that the parents are filming the babysitter in the first place, to the music playing over the top, to the actual moment at which the cat attacks, it’s all a bit weird.

This babysitter looks like she’s doing a good job, keeping the toddler occupied and keeping an eye on him as he kicks his ball around the living room.

However, a glass gets knocked over, and the cat sleeping in the other room hears this and immediately springs to action to find out what is happening.

It seems to sense that the babysitter represents danger to the baby, and attacks her quite vociferously. The babysitter doesn’t know what to do, the kid watches with interest, and the other cat even seems to be confused.

A truly strange episode but it shows it’s not just pet dogs that can prove dangerous when family members are threatened. OK, so this cat got it wrong, but still.

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