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WyattWhitneyWhitney Keyes and Wyatt Bardouille (shown left to right) are clever women with the know-how. I stumbled upon their online TV show accidentally, and I am sincerely glad that I did.

Whitney and Wyatt releases “bite-sized shows” (under five minutes each) every Wednesday on their website. Past topics include the funny “How to Talk to Your Man in Bed” and the serious “Breast Cancer – How to Support a Friend.”

The featurette about bedtime activity was clever and hilarious, while the Breast Cancer shows were shockingly real and down-to-earth. What surprised and impressed me was that these two broads (and whoever makes an appearance on their show) keep a sense of humor and high spirit, no matter what topic they’re covering.

The show just began in June, and these women are very open to ideas. Due to this, they have the Powder Room, a spot on their website where you can stop by and give your own show ideas. After all, the show is about women, so it should be about things that concern women from across the globe.

I have become somewhat attached to this show and these two women, and I’m looking forward to this Wednesday’s episode.

[Whitney and Wyatt]

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