Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Business TV & Video, Educational and Video On Demand by Iman Peera on November 16, 2009

Mr. Chi City is one of the most popular independent video makers on YouTube. As a both a shareholder and content provider with over 95,000 subscriptions, he knows a few dirty secrets that most YouTube watchers don’t.

Until now, that is.

As you might know already, YouTube has yet to turn a profit as of 2009. Back in 2008, they sent some of their content providers a list of suggestions (more like rules) to follow in order to maximize profits. After knowing these rules, it’s easy to see why some of the most controversial videos never make the front page.

Perhaps the most shocking secret revealed in this video is the one about High Arts Entertainment actually making most of the popular videos seen on YouTube. And here I thought the most popular YouTube celebs were actually talented.

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