William Shatner Video Clip | Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Singing To George Lucas

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I think I may have a problem, and be addicted to watching William Shatner embarrass himself trying to sing in public.

After highlighting Shatner’s attempts at singing Elton John’s Rocket Man, and failing miserably, this is a video of him repeating the act. This time he sings to George Lucas at the 2005 AFI Life Achievement Awards.

Obviously George Lucas is the man behind Star Wars, Star Trek’s biggest rival, so the faces on the assembled guests faces when Shatner walks on is one of shock and awe.

Obviously it’s a set up, and Shatner starts by making out he thinks he’s at a Star Trek convention, before realising his mistake. He then proceeds to sing ‘My Way’ to George Lucas.

In his usual style, he speaks most of the lyrics rather than sing them. George Lucas looks like he just wants the veritable torture to end and the ground to swallow him up.

And then we have the punchline, a troop (or troupe) of stormtroopers dancing behind Shatner as he reaches the crescendo of the song. Brilliant, the man is a legend, even Chewbacca seemed to enjoy it. More, more!


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