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E3 2012 kicks off tomorrow, with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, as well as a host of games publishers, due to show their wares to the assembled gamers. But there are sure to be disappointments.

This video sees a couple of gamers taking us through the 10 things they really want to see at E3 2012 but probably won’t. The following paragraph is my reaction to each one in turn…

Motion gaming is OK and will always be just that. Mirror’s Edge sucked! Halo… meh. A peek at Bungie’s next game would be good. Wii U is gonna fail. I want GTA V, not a trailer. Black Ops 2 demo… just play the first game. I haven’t played Half-Life 2 yet. I didn’t like the previous Bioshock games. A new Dreamcast? Now you’re talking.

E3 2012 looks set to be a good one, but only by the usual E3 standards. Roll on 2013 when new hardware is sure to be on show. But not from Sega, unfortunately.

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