The Women’s World Cup final was held On Sunday (July 17), with Japan beating the U.S.A. on penalties after a tense, tight match. And Americans actually seemed to care about the result.

I found this all a little bizarre because all of a sudden I had American friends talking about football, or soccer as they insist on calling it, on Facebook and Twitter. They didn’t talk about the Men’s World Cup at all.

This tells me either that Americans are more interested in women’s soccer than they are in men’s, or that they need the U.S. to reach the final before they’ll care about it in the slightest. Sadly I suspect it’s the latter.

The other thing that’s strange is the anti-Japanese sentiments being fired off by idiots. World War II ended 66 years ago, so I think it may be time to forgive and forget. Some people don’t seem to be able to do so.

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