I’ll admit it, I sometimes have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. There are just some days you really don’t want to move from your pit, no matter how many times the alarm clock goes off, or how loud it is.

On those occasions, you and I clearly need to this device. I don’t know about it being the world’s biggest alarm clock but it sure as hell looks the least comfortable but most likely to work in the world.

The set-up of this clip takes ages, and I was left wondering what the hell was going to happen. Was it going to make an almighty racket? No. Instead, this alarm clock literally gets you out of bed, usually with a broken back.

As one of the commenters on YouTube said, this invention will also be a boon when this kid starts having his girlfriend back to his place. Unfortunately, being such a huge geek means that’ll probably be a few years yet.

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