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Worlds Strongest Man Video | We Want To Pump, You Up

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Worlds Strongest Man Video | We Want To Pump, You Up

We just met the women of brawn; now meet this man of brawn. I can’t say or even spell his name (Ok, it is something like Mariusz Pudzianowski, you try to say it, or better yet, spell it without looking), nor do I understand what he is saying.

But the universal body language says it all. I’m getting tired just watching this guy workout in this less than 2 minute video.

I barely have enough energy to bend over to pick some clothes up off the floor, and this guy certainly puts my mediocre workouts to shame. But none the less, this is one strong guy who works hard to have what he’s got.

Can you imagine using a bar to squat that weighs probably 45 pounds, and then packing on as much total weight as possible and squatting with ease? No problem for Mariusz, the Worlds Strongest Man of course.

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