Worm Grunting Demonstration Video | Evolutionary Wariness Helps Worm Catchers

34 sec read

Worm grunting is something I’d never heard of until now, but I’m glad I learned of its existence as it’s intriguing.

What the hell is it? In essence, it’s the method worm catchers in certain parts of the U.S. use to nab their prey. And it involves nothing more than rubbing a file over a wooden stake embedded in the ground.

It’s claimed that the reason this causes the worms to climb out of their earthen homes is because the noise and vibration mimics a mole digging through the soil looking for worms to eat.

However, I would have thought the vibration would be enough. Imagine someone came and made your whole house shake: you’d run out the front door as soon as you possibly could.

I find it funny to see these rednecks discussing their job as if it’s brain surgery or something equally skilled and delicate. You’re rubbing metal on a stake in the ground for God’s sake.

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