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This video is NSFW, but assuming you’re sitting comfortably at home it’ll be fine. That is at least if you enjoy seeing a girl giving a newspaper reporter a lapdance for money.

The girl in question in Chloe Victoria, who also calls herself Chloe Mafia. Because she’s not very bright.

She’s not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, young girl to turn to the sex industry to try and make some money. But she is the first that has then auditioned for The X-Factor and made it all the way through to bootcamp.

This video shows a British tabloid newspaper paying her to perform a sexy (if you like that sort of thing) dance in a hotel room. And she may have gone further if the undercover reporter had let her.

If you’re a sex worker then don’t go on The X-Factor. Because you will be found it. And then have to live with that stigma, whether it’s a fair one or not.

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