In case you hadn’t noticed 2012 recently morphed into 2013. I know, it happened suddenly and without warning, but hey, you know now, right?

The year just gone was a great one for gamers, with lots of good titles being released. Not that you’d know that by this video, which takes a slightly different approach to summing up 2012 in video games.

It’s a funny video, taking pops at the likes of Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, and Starcraft. The Mass Effect 3 moaners get ridiculed, as do the friendless Diablo 3 players.

There’s even a mention for George Lucas as he sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney for a gazillion dollars, and Barack Obama for ripping Mitt Romney’s heart out in a presidential fight to the death. We’re going to miss you, 2012.

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