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5 People Are Speaking Their Mind

  1. GruenderBlog Says:

    September 23rd, 2007 at 8:35 am

    Here is the german version of truman show
    Read our review

  2. I think this site is wonderful! I encourage people to get involved! I look forward to seeing your stories on


  3. Freedom of speech, That’s just what we kids of today need now more than ever. It’s kind of overwhelming really when you think of all the media that bombards us on a daily basis. My main goal here is personal development and interaction with interesting people from all over the globe. I am a stand-up comic as well so I can work on my act this way.

  4. i just checked out and LOVE IT!!!! you tube is cool, but this is like a journal. Mad props to YTS!!! can’t wait to start my blog!

  5. [...] DEMOfall has some great debuts on show this year including a YourTrumanShow widget called VideoMap. This little tool links friends and their videos across several social networks such as MySpace and Facebook. [...]

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