It’s that time again, when Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw reviews a video game in his unique style of ripping it to shreds in the funniest way imaginable. Forget scoring a game, Zero Punctuation leaves you in no doubt as to what the reviewer thinks of the game on display.

This week sees Resident Evil 5 getting the Zero Punctuation treatment. And no missives are left unsaid about the fifth iteration of the long-running Capcom series of survival horror games.

Croshaw begins by heaping praise on Resident Evil 4, before listing the multiple ways in which Resident Evil 5 has pushed back the series. His biggest two problems are the stupid sidekick who is more of a hindrance than a help, and the retarded inventory system.

There are two other big problem with Resident Evil 5 as far as I can see: the inherent racism that Croshaw just touches on, and the crappy control system which makes it impossible to run and shoot at the same time. One to avoid?

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