5 Sport Scandal Videos | Cheat, Lie and Steal… And That Is Not Just Bases

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Sports scandals have cast shadows of doubt on many different types of sports and athletes for decades. It does seem that of recent, though, more and more shady stories are gracing the headlines across the country and the world.

Scandals make drama, and drama makes for some good entertainment. But it is a sad reputation for that of sports, competition and team spirit. Nearly every sport, from figure skating to bicycling, has been hit by heavier regulations and a more acute eye that is watching for those red hands to expose a cheater.

Stealing bases is one thing, but Barry Bonds is accused of stealing MLB records with the aid of good ol’ Steroid; and teams are becoming more sophisticated cheaters stealing the opposition’s game signals or buying off referees and players alike.

Alas, it is a sad time for sports these days. Let’s hope that the ever-accessible reports and news stories that cover the pages of newspapers and websites will help sports athletes, owners, refs and coaches learn to throw a little caution to the wind.

NFL, NBA, MLB… All I Have To Say Is WTH ?

Vick is on the way out the door and landed himself in the dog house; Barry can’t look into anyone’s eyes without seeing the doubts; and NBA ref Tim Donaghy will never see the bright lights of a basketball court again. And all this is happening as you read this very sentence.

Italian Soccer Scandals

Crooked refs, black money, these are the factors that back up the scandal that rocked the sport of soccer, first in 1980, with many other incidents in between, and today.

Alexandre Vinokourav Tour de France 2007

Blood transfusions, doping, whatever it was, Tour de France fans were disappointed when this Astana team withdrew from competing in the 2007 Tour de France shortly after firing Vinokourav. Blood runs thick and never lies.

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

The New England Patriots football team is currently under the spotlight with heavy accusations of stealing their competitor’s signals. Now their 3 Superbowl wins are under debate; but what they have done here is nothing new as this video shows!

Why, why?! Figure Skating Drama

That is what Nancy Kerrigan cried when she was attacked by a fellow skater, Tonya Harding, in the 90s. Then, there were a trade of votes at the 2002 Salt Lake City games, landing the Canadian pair behind the Russians, who were favored by the French judge. This video plays a parody of bad daytime drama acting with bad ice skating judging. And these are the days of our lives.

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