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Amazingly Smart Bird Video | Intelligent Japanese Crows Use Crosswalk

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Amazingly Smart Bird Video | Intelligent Japanese Crows Use Crosswalk

Some birds are notorious for being idiots. The phrases “running around like a chicken with his head cut off” and “bird brain” didn’t pop out of thin air.

After all, what kind of animal randomly craps when it travels? It’s not like they’re trying to hit our cars right?

After seeing this video, it wouldn’t surprise me if crows took over the world tomorrow.

In Japan, these city dwelling crows drop nuts on the road for cars to crack. After the nut is run over, they swoop down and collect the nut. But what about the danger of getting run over? Not a problem for this crow!

Somehow, it knows to drop the nut on a crosswalk. After the nut is thoroughly cracked, the crow waits for the light to go green and casually walks across the street with the other pedestrians to collect its meal.

How on earth did these crows get so smart? Maybe this is a result of years of observation, or perhaps just because they’re Asian birds.

This video makes me wonder. If we own a bird as a pet, are they really our pet? Or are they letting us own them for the free food?

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