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CBS’ Creature Comforts | Funny TV Series in Clay Animation (Vid)

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CBS’ Creature Comforts | Funny TV Series in Clay Animation (Vid)

Introducing Greetings From Creature Comforts: Featuring The Voices Of Your Fellow Americans. Phew, now that was a mouthful… a mouthful of comedic stylings that is, brought to you through clay animation and true responses from everyday people.

Check out a clip from the last show, thanks to Aarmand Animations, the same dudes and dudettes that brought us Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run.

These cute, furry and feathery, and maybe a little smelly, creatures provide the faces to the voices who discuss and debate what’s real animal magnetism and what’s the purpose of pheromones.

Who knew sniffing butts was an art, which can be compared to a coffee sniffer’s job, seeking the impurities and the “aroma” of the blend, but this time, it is the butt blend.

People are asked questions from “when was the last time you lied” to “what is animal pragmatism?” So just sit back and enjoy these true, off-the-cuff responses from real people, to the “beat” of clay animation.

Here’s 6 more minutes of it…

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