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Delutube: Watch Banned YouTube Videos | Unofficial ‘Deleted YouTube Vids Channel’

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Delutube: Watch Banned YouTube Videos | Unofficial ‘Deleted YouTube Vids Channel’

banned youtube videos

How many times have you tried to view that “perfectly legal” video on YouTube only to encounter: “This video has been removed at the request of [insert evil company name here] because its content was used without permission”?

Have no fear, Delutube is here! “The Deleted YouTube Video Viewer”.

Simply type in the ID of a deleted YouTube video and presto! Your removed video appears out of thin air. How? You see, much like Google’s webpage cache, YouTube maintains a cache of videos on their servers too. Until their server’s cache gets cleared, you can still view deleted videos.

Of course, Delutube has its limitations. Most videos can only be seen within 2-24 hours after their deletion. The actual time limit varies, but if the video still shows up in the search results, you’ll most likely be able to still view it using Delutube.

Another great feature about Delutube is that it keeps a database of deleted videos and plays a random one each time you visit. It’s kind of like an unofficial “YouTube Taboo Channel”. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, some of these videos have been removed for a reason.

Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before a site like this gets shut down.

[Delutube Website]

Update: As predicted the site was shut down. Why not try Graboid for free videos…

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