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Funny Vince Wilfork’s Retirement Video | NFL Player Wants to Smoke Meat Instead

American Football Videos

Funny Vince Wilfork’s Retirement Video | NFL Player Wants to Smoke Meat Instead

Veteran NFL player Vince Wilfork has retired from the game. But the Houston Texans defensive lineman isn’t going out quietly.

He posted this video on social media announcing his retirement. But it also doubles up as an invite to a tailgate party marking his retirement, and clues us into what he might do next.

Basically, Wilfork announced his retirement with a sponsored slot for Kingsford, a company that specializes in barbecuing.

It looks like Wilfork is going to be heavily involved with Kingsford from now on. Not that he needs the money, having played in the NFL for 13 seasons and winning two Super Bowls.

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